The Frog has landed


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So following my previous post “So, I bought a little Frog for a large amount of money” my little Frog had arrived.

I was beginning to get like cold feet. It’s a big investment if you’re only going to end up getting your item and not liking it.

Thankfully, I love her. She has a really sweet sculpt, it gives her quite and expressive face with her round moth and big wide eyes. She can look shy, curious or a little bit Spaced out. Her fingers especially are sculpted really well, they are very delicate and she even has cute little dimples on her knuckles.
Her downsides are that she’s too head heavy. If you take her head off the body has amazing balance.


I ordered her eyes from a Chinese company called “captured in glass “who specialise in making hand made, glass doll eyes for an exceptionally reasonable price. The eyes are a lovely gold yellow, sadly however the British sunshine doesn’t show them off to well …


I’m currently waiting very impatiently for my sealant to arrive so that I can start doing her face and define her features, even if she is real cute blank as well.

To pass the time I’m making dresses to fit her, because I’m a terrible sewer so basic dresses are all I can do to avoid her nakedness for now. (The sculpt has really big nipples and they freak me out a touch)

I made a simple plain white smock which hopefully should fit under her patterned clothes to prevent dye rubbing off into the resin.


Oh she also has a butt magnet to attach her cute little tadpole tail. I’ve also ordered another little Frog from a different company “Doll family” so she has a froggy pal to hang with.

Groom a Pony a day challange : day one


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Originally, when I started this blog. It was supposed to be concentrating on myy little pony collection. Unfortunately being a hoarder meant I just began to collect more and more stuff so it became difficult to maintain. Add that I fell out of the MLP collecting scene for a few years meant it wasn’t really a feasible blog subject for me. I’ve been back into ponies now for about 6 months. It’s seen my collection significantly thinned as I chose to be more focused on it. In fact I’m contemplating another thinning session at the moment. Anyhow, over on the MLP arena (and my little pony collecter and fan forum) a thread has just been started challenging to clean/groom/tidy a Pony a day. Cleaning and maintaining these is a long job, old ponies are deteriorating due to age and new ones unfortunately are just not made to the same quality. I thought this was a really good idea, I have loads of ponies that need tidying up (one really needs her head taking off to get the mould out of her insides) so without further ado.

The first victim.

Unfortunately Hasbro have replaced the hair material they use which comes out of the pack really oily and dry at the same time. It’s pretty hideous. So poor fluttershy has come out of her pack like a slimy frizz ball. It’s and easy fix with a spot of hot hot water to smooth out the hair done conditioner (human or fabric) rubbed into it. Then I’ll rinse her with cold, another blast of super hot and then just wrap her mane about her neck, and tail about her leg to dry.

So here we have before:


I can't see!!


And a few hours later tah-dah!


Her tail cork screwed a bit but oh well


A lovely tame, silky, non oily mane, all ready for displaying.

I’m going to keep this up until I’m out of ponies that really need attention. Most are like this so may not be doing individual daily posts, I’m undecided yet.

Also, look out for my upcoming video showing how I do and feel about ballpoint pen drawing!

A multi purpose tool


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Juat part of the room full of newspaper at work.

My day to day life wouldn’t actually run if it wasn’t for the wonder of old newspaper. Animals wouldn’t be clean, their little beds and litter trays lined with sheet of old paper. Some would be denied a very low cost means of entertainment, cats would have no paper balls to play with and Rabbits would have no paper to shred and destroy!

Animal shelters basically survive on donations of newspaper. The multi purpose wonder.

On the downside I never have the time to read them!

In response to the daily prompt: Newspaper

So, I bought a little frog for a large amount of money.


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I don’t think it is any secret really that I collect toys. Whilst I do not collect dolls, the fact I am a my little pony collector does bring me into kinship with a lot of doll collectors. Especially ever popular, resin ball jointed dolls.

About 13 years ago I encountered ball joint dolls. At the time they were more commonly referred to as “Asian ball joint dolls” as manufacturers were mainly Japanese. At the time I think the only companies that were really available in the UK were two called Volks and Luts.  I fell in love with a limited edition Volks (I’m sure) doll styled after the Japanese visual goth band “moi Dix moi”. I totally got ng through my ” Japanophile” phase then and loved many of the Japanese rock and visual bands. I still do. I thought this doll was the utter bees knees and wanted her do bad, bit as a teenager in school with a one night a week job, I couldn’t afford the £300 odd she cost!

I was by then decided that one day I would have my own bjd. On and off over the years I have looked at them and swooned at how PRETTY they are.

About 6 years ago I found what I thought was my dream do, a boy, elf eared doll by the  chinese company “doll leaves” simply called “model W” I have literally had him bookmarked on a UK doll dealership since. I’ve had his eyes in mind, his wig, his clothes.

Last year I decided I would start saving for him. I’ve been selling tons of stuff on eBay and last month has my money. Now, I could have afforded him without selling my belongings, but if I can buy something without getting into my bank account I will!

Then on a my little pony forum I saw the link to this cutie.

She is the “Aloha” sculpt by a Korean company called Pipos . Anthropomorphic animal dolls have gained popularity in recent years and have created bit of a niche market of their own. Pipos are one of the leading animal doll companies and apart from possibly “Dear mine Doll” make a cutest sculpts. Possibly weirdest with their Cheshire cats.
I love animals, I love fantasy so I am not sure why I never considered an anthro doll before. However my particular fondness of Frogs made me swoon a bit when I saw these stock photos of an adorable little frog Princess.

So my dolly dreams were flipped and I didn’t know what to do! I decided to look at pricing and do a bit more research into the dolls and the companies. Both of which seemed to be well regarded by their customers.

A few days ago a member of a doll forum also from the UK said that of all the companies they had ordered from and worked with, Pipos was their favorite. That kind of clinched it for me. I was swaying towards the frog as she was smaller, would require less space, less additional costs like shoes and wigs. Because why would a frog need hair or shoes ?


So, last night I committed £130 to a little resin froggy. It’s strangely exciting, and scary because I know I am going to have a long wait for her! I chose to forgo eyes and her face paint as I can do her face myself, and as pretty as it is I don’t think it’s how my frog will look. I can buy eyes cheaper elsewhere and they didn’t have the colour I wanted.

So the wait begins for my foray into the bjd hobby.

Clearing out! Oh woe


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I have gone quiet again, I know, I know. I’m in the process of redecorating my bedroom.

I decided this would be the perfect time for a good clean out. I own items still that I had as a small child. I literally have 28 years of hearing to clear out.

I now have about 7 years worth left.

It’s oddly therapeutic, but man is it arduous! I’m left each evening with a headache, because of the dust and the clutter.

There is light on the horizon though. I have nearly finished.

Also, on the plus side I have read more books in the last few weeks than I have in the last four years! Part of my de-cluttering strategy is to read my. Books then send them into charity stores.


I will get back to blogging once the venture is done!

There’s no place like ponyland


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In response to the photo challange : vibrant


Nothing like some fluorescent plastic to brighten up my day.

Time wasters


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Angel sitting pretty in her new box

The best, or worst thing about having pets around the house is that they are perfect ways to waste your time. I have things to do. But its no where near as engaging as giving Angel a new card board box to play with. Or just stroking Dukes nose whilst he sleeps and purrs.


On the other hand, by the way they watch when someone eats, I guess we are just as entertaining to them ?


They want my food ...