I’ve been making fleece lined sleeping bags for my gpigs for a year now. They absolutely love them and are much much cheaper than store bought ones – i spent £24 on material and have gotten 8 from it in a shop they tend to cost anything from £7-£11. So i thought i would make a little tutorial on how to sew one yourself.

The tut im doing is for a 16 inch by 10 inch bag, witha double layer of fleece. This gives one large adult Guineapig lots of room to move about, or two the squeeze in side by side. Or lots of rats! A dwarf bunny or you could even make one big enoug for a cat. Just change the measurements to fit your pet.

Items: Fleece – Outer material, this could be a patterned fleece, or cotton – pins – measuring tape – pen – scissors – needle and thread or a sewing machine.

Cut your fleece, measure 16 inches up and 40 across your peice of fleece. Mark your points and then cut out your rectangle. Fold it in half with ways, so you now have a 16 by 20 rectangle. Sew up two sides of the fleece and leave the bottom open. Fold it inside out so that you have a bag.

Now get your outer material. I use a heavy cotton like that used on sofa cusions or even sofas themselves. I get them as off cuts from a market fabric stall for £1 and they are big enough to cover two guineapig sized bags. go down a few inches from the stiched length end of your fleece and pin the edge of your outer material along this line.

You should then be able to fold your outer material back and have a neat line like this:

With your few inches of fleece over the top. Now Sew it on, it does not mater if you go through one or both layers of fleece.

Now fold it in half again with your outside material onthe inside. And sew up the side and the end of the bag where you have left the fleece open. If youre using a machine lucky you, if not, your hands may hate you afterwards. You should have somthing like this.

Now trim away excess material – i make the cotton as short as i can then hem it in with the over lapping fleece, now fold it out the right way round and you should have one of these!