Urgh, i’ve been completely gone the past few weeks, as  i had a wonderful bout of swine flu chirstmas eve onwards. I’ve not been able to get any photo’s taken or get on with my comissions or other art work. Which sucks. And work, being so considerate, didn’t bat an eyelid the day after i was over the worst of it.

It’s my birthday tomorrow and again, i’ve no doubt it will be a day of being nagged, being asked pointless questions. Being told “I was married and owned a house at your age.” well thats great, houses were cheap then, if they still were. I would not be here. Being asked why im not smiling, when it’s just another day in a lot of days i will see.

I did get some cool ponies for xmas though, and me being sad ws very excited (even though i bought them and just gave them to people to wrap) as it’s my first ever chirstmas where i got all the ponies i wanted. We couldnt afford them in large numbers when i was a child.

My favorites:

BBE Baby Shady

TE Quackers and baby

Euro Baby Ribbon