Hmm where to start. Well. Unfortunately on my birthday (6th) it appeared my Guinea Pig, Pirate had suffered a stroke, trapped nerve or other injury to stun his left hind leg. He was dragging it and occasionally, as his right leg could not take the weight it was also collapsing. I felt sick to think that he had suffered some thing incurable and went through my books and available information on arthritis and joint disease. After feeling his legs thoroughly and him biting me when i touched his most affected joint (left knee) i surmised it was a joint issue. He spent the night with Pickwick in our kitchen. We have under floor heating and the warmth certainly seemed to lend it’s self to easing the pain in his leg.

The next day i booked him in for an appointment at the vets. He saw a different vet than he usually did but she was obviously more interested in exotics than most vets are and gave him a cuddle and a good M.O.T. When she felt his leg she said there was no mistake that it was a severely arthritic knee joint which would be expected in an elderly animal such as Pirate. She also confirmed for me that he does have the beginning’s of cataracts and a mild, newly developed heart murmur. Also due to age. He was prescribed Meta cam, at 0.1 ml a dose, once a day for 10 days, then every other.

The effect the drugs had on him were near immediate, it was quite amazing. The day after his first dose he was a little stiff still but the range of movement in both his legs had improved vastly. By the third day his left leg was practically new. He’s now able to run and climb onto low surfaces and jump off of them without him struggling to stand upright.

I have checked him with the vet’s and they are also very pleased with his progress and feel that he can easily and comfortably live out a good year or more yet :).

And look what i got myself for my birthday! Baby Cotton Candy with her accessories minus her puffy sticker and ribbon. She also came with her origonal box, looks like she was bought from argos all those years ago if the catalogue sticker on the back is anything to go by.

Look into my eyeees

I will also have some new art work, porsonal and commissioned. And come cavy crafts to share here soon πŸ™‚