Trais the Hamster is now two years and one week old. The worst thing about owning a pet of any kind, no matter their life span, is crossing that line between them being a ‘bit’ old to geriatric. All of a sudden i pick out the things that make me think ‘wow he is old’ like his thinning hair, and his weight loss (he was a beast of hamster) his skin is softer and areas where his skin is dark, ears and the unmentionables, are becoming mottled and age spotted. What is nice though, is that he seems to have a complete disregard to the fact that his little body isn’t what i used to be. He’s still climbing upthings he shouldn’t and flinging himself off them, he’s still finding his way onto the sofa when he’s out of a night and trying to mug who ever is there of their snack (or rum and coke) And when someone calls him “Old Man” or “Little old boy” he tends to sit up like a meerkat and make squeeky noises of indignation.

Obviously like people, Hamsters are only as old as they feel.

Travis and the birthday cheese

On another note, i am not a domestic godess, there i was with a prepacked bread dough mix, all i needed to do (allegedly) was add 150ml of luke warm water and 2 table spoons of olive oil, knead for 10 minuets, leave to rise for 40, knead for another 5 then bake. My dough still has not risen and it looks sort of like it’s curdled. And well , i wouldn’t want to eat it. So much for me making some amazing bread. I’ll stick with cakes.