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This a sketch of one of the little white rabbits i look after at work. It only took a few minuets, but i can never get enough of looking at this rabbit, his sister is identical. I think they are beautiful, short, plush, pure white fur, ears that aren’t too big, or to tiny, broad noses, compact strong bodies, long legs that don’t border on ridiculous. They are unusually tolerant and gentle for rabbits, and just sit and cuddle with one another, sleeping in the sun.


And they have the saddest eyes i’ve ever seen on a rabbit, their big pink eyes. Big, pink, watery ruby’s.  Albino Rabbits and Brown Rabbits, are the hardest to home, as people judge them on their looks alone. Irregardless of whether the Rabbits have a perfect character, love to be handled, explore and have fun. As such, this brother and sister have spent nearly a quarter of their life sat in a rescue.

So, if you ever go to adopt a pet, keep your mind open, sometimes the one you think you could never love in a million years. Turns out to be perfect.