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Well for some, very stupid reason, far beyond my reasoning. We decided it would be wise to obtain a second cat. Angel, my beautiful little slave driver, was previously from a home with 3 cats in total, she displays some behaviors which would suggest she does miss the companionship of other cats (she was quite close to her mother) so I figured she wouldn’t be too put out (in the grand scheme of things at least, any one with cat’s will know it is however very easy to utterly destroy their world within seconds, but they do tend to have forgiven 24 hours later if plentiful fuss and tuna is offered.)

So on Thursday last week, off we went to the rescue and picked out “Dotty” a 6 year old black and white beauty (yes i do love black and whites!) with big golden eyes, a tail like a squirrel, wonky nose. A crumpled ear was added to her list of distinguishing features on friday after she had a surgery to remove a lump from the back of her ear. And I brought her home this Monday.


The apparently oh so shy Miss Dotty is anything but, and we now have to embark on the very slow process of introducing her and Angel to one another (oh how i wish Cat’s worked like Guinea Pigs!) We had one slip up where Dotty peeped through the window on the door of “her room” and Angel saw her, lots of throaty growling ensued on Angels part and bemused mewing on Dotty’s. Now the window has been papered up, so no more visuals can be put into play and i have begun the task of “scent swapping” each has a towel she sleeps on, the towel get’s rotated between the two daily, until they are settled with the smell – and it goes on from there.

18 months ago i was completely and utterly sure that no cat of mine would ever have a cat friend, after all they are sleek, mystical, solitary hunters right? We shall see how this goes, it’s definitely a mini adventure for me. (At this rate i’ll need a separate cat blog too!)