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Another Daily Prompt post that caught my eyes, it’s really interesting what tales people are telling from the year of their coin. It was also a little task that got my grey matter moving a bit, my memory is terrible so remembering what happened 6 years ago was a challenge for me (i tend to struggle with 6 day’s ago!

Daily Prompt: Buffalo Nickel: Dig through your couch cushions, your purse, or the floor of your car and look at the year printed on the first coin you find. What were you doing that year?

My coins year was 2007, this isn’t actually the first coin i picked up, but my first one was minted in 1986, i had not even been conceived. Quite usefully in 2007 i went to university, so to date has probably been my most exciting year in my history. I started 07 off  In the January where  i applied for university and went on interviews, gaining an offer of place at all three of my choices. I was also at the time, still studying for my “Art” foundation degree, a year long course which allows you to participate in a number of different art disciplines as an opportunity to spread your horizons out of mainstream school  education (Where all they really want you to do is suddenly turn round and say “oh when i grow up i want to be able to paint just like Monet!) I finished up studying “fine art” and doing a final essay on “the social and political symbolism of the characters of Animal Farm” and creating a screen which was originally supposed to be a triptych but turned out not to be, telling the Norse myth of the killing of the god Balder. It was mixed media and contains a huge amount of real grass glued to it.

Balder and the mistletoe dart

The summer, i presume had been pretty dull, just the usual hanging out with friends, going art work and doing paid work at a little country pub the next village from me. I was learning to drive at the time and sucked! Although not a bad driver technically, i was always so nervous and break into a cold sweat if i had to use reads with heavy traffic. I didn’t pass my test until i left uni, i felt the 3 year break as adequate.

I remember being pretty hyped mid 07 because i heard one of my favorite bands ‘X Japan’ was reforming after a very long hiatus ( i wasn’t old enough to have been a fan when they were about really but grew to appreciate them in the interim) and that they had a new song featuring as the theme to Saw IV. I.V is a pretty awesome song, i listened to it a lot, I was also pretty keen on the Saw movies too so in all i found it kinda awesome. We will ignore the song wasn’t released as a single until 08.

September i started at university, which was a mix of awesome and hideous, that little “black dog” came an went regularly over the three years and i came to terms with things about myself (that maybe can be saved for another day!), i started going grey before 07 was up, the first month was horrible, i didn’t want to talk to any one and i never slept as my room was facing a courtyard which always had people in, no matter what time. I just sat and scribbled pages of black when i wasn’t in lectures. There was the resident cat who i loved inviting up to my room and just chilling with, i didn’t really get on with the other girls i was sharing with, bar one who i didn’t really talk to at all.  When the more outgoing of our flat invited friends over to our place i remember sitting in my room, in the dark when my mother phoned me, she said “Well if you don’t want to go and mingle with them, why don’t you go and talk to Trina, she seems lonely” so that’s what i did, i knocked on her door and sat and talked to her all evening, it turned out she was terribly homesick and spent all her spare time on the phone to her parents, she is now one of my closest and most dear of friends. Someone i can always trust and count on, and insult indefinitely without her getting offended. Because she knows I’m just a jerk like that and i can’t help it.

I suspect the rest of the year was as mundane as the rest of my life has been, although we had multiple episodes of standing in the cold late at night because the Guy in the opposite flat used to get cravings for toast in the early hours and set the fire alarm off. A sudden and constant craving for Pies courtesy of the release of Sweeny Todd: The demon barber of fleet street.  Oh and dressing as a pirate, lots of dressing as a pirate.