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I love gardening, although i am not the most green-fingered. I think our outside space should be used for green things! So i try to grow them, especially ones of use. The last few years i have concentrate don growing Perennial and Biennial plants that i can use for feed for my Guinea Pigs. I have literally hundreds of Strawberries of wild and commercial varieties and herbs … all of which are just beginning to bud new leaves. My newest venture is Cranesbill/Wild geraniums. The guinea pigs would live off these if they could and my one established plant and two one year old plants just aren’t enough.


Some of the seedlings

Possibly a little too late i planted up some seed’s and the poor things have battled a winter being frozen in my shed, i forgot to cover them correctly. A week ago i got them out to sit in the sun and they have gone crazy. I even have some that look like real plants!


Baby Geraniums

Not quite a meal for a guinea pig yet, but it they continue at the rate they are going i am going to have some nice little plants by the end of the summer 🙂


Pineapple Mint