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Many of the characters i paint or draw are personal to me. I create them, they are my own little creatures and people and, sometimes as many an artist or writer may agree you come to love them dearly.
The following are two that have been with me for 14 years now. Just before my twelfth birthday i started to draw this little green fellow and an Elf, always together, but with a knack of antagonising the other, like siblings. And indeed early on, the ‘Green Guy’ was heavily influenced by my younger brother. Green guy needed a name. It was at my Grandparents whilst stuffing my face with chocolate gateau, that i thought something based on the delicious pile of goodness would be a marvelous name. I couldn’t spell gateau, hence the name ‘Gattola’ stuck.
Gattola is a nymph, of deep forests and swampy ground, generally playful, his childlike nature however it does lead to abrupt temper tantrums. Aben, the Elf has verbal diarrhoea, especially if shes nervous, or can see a fine opening for some needling. The resurface every few years. Redesigned, renamed or repurposed. But they are a familiarity i wouldn’t be without.