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My Mum is a childminder, and has been for years. Its half term at the moment and foolishly, by mistake i booked a weeks annual leave to coincide. So it means that every morning with out fail i will be woken up, being asked to come and help do something for or with the kids.
Yesterday it was to help sew up holes and fixings of old doll clothes. After two hours of sewing the frayed edges of hundreds of sparkly pink made of awful material i found some rather loud fabric in the sewing box. They were old pockets taken off a skirt of my Mums.
So i decided to get a little more creative and have a go at making some dresses!

As a child i never played with dolls, but loved making them  outfits so it was a really

fun, therapeutic albeit brain-achey trip down memory lane. Not amazingly constructed as im no seamstress. And by the time i finished the shorter dress i was getting a headache. And in hindsight Barbie sized dresses may not have been the easiest start.

But the girls who mum looks after liked them, especially the beads, and it was a fun way to pass the day!