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I have only just realised how terribly behind In keeping this updated I have been. There is so much more art work I need to add, and probably dozenes of brilliant prompts I’ve missed. But I have been so busy with that horrid thing called life, that half of the year has just slunk past me without my realising.

The most important news I have is that my precious cat, Angel was diagnosed as being hyperthyroid about three months ago. Whilst a common condition in cats it is often over looked until it is too late. It can often mask more serious issues such as heart or kidney failure.

Thankfully my experience of working (although only minorly) with Cats I was able to pick up early symptoms.

Restlessness – she would wander about constantly, crying and fussing. And never actually sleeping when she did rest. Although a playful cat, she also went completely mad and was throwing herself through the air after toys.

Loss of condition – Shes always been well kept inthat she has a nice thick, plush coat that was always spotless and never scraggy unless she was molting.  But she began to look increasingly ‘old’

Ravenous appetite – Always a hungry Cat, she was literally begging for food all the time and never gainig any weight.

So off to the vet we went,  and after taking one feel of her neck and being able to clearly find her enlarged glands,  was given a blood test which showed her hypertyroidism, and started on drugs to bring her Thyroxine levels back down.

Typically for me, she had a bad reaction to the first drug, Vidalta. Causing her to vomit and become lethargic. It was upsetting to see my usually friendly and affectionate little friend, just laying there with a blank look In her eyes and barely reacting to anything, and I even slept on the floor with her one night ( being the sad human that I am).  One vet, a wonderful lady who had now stayed late, and got me in without appointment a number of times, saw her one evening, suggested withdrawal of drugs, and gave her antibiotics, to cover any kind of sickness bug, and a vomit supressent, to see how she went. I already suspected it was the Vidalta, as it is quite common for cats to react poorly to it, but suspictions were confirmed after two days off, she was back to her normal self, comming to play, sit on laps and sunbathe on the shed roof!

She is now on an alternative drug, Felimizole, which whilst still containing the same active ingredient, has a different make up. It is also HALF the original dose. She has improved greatly, and after a blood test last week the vet has comfirmed that her Thyroxine is within normal paramiters, and no hidden failures with any other organs. She will be on medication the rest of her life, but its worth it to have her happy and healthy, adorable and very, very annoying.

Need to get her booked for a dental to sort out her disusting teeth now! Oh he is going to love me.


There, now ive bored you all with waffling on about my sick, slightly overwwight Cat. I promise I’ll get some art work up soon.