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So, I decided that the best way to get back into doing my art work was to go back in time. And drag out characters and stories which I made well over14 years ago. It has proven to be productive, and the little burst of inspiration that I required.

I decided the other day that I wanted to do a landscape. Now usually I work with water colour, and lighter colours. So i decided to try some Gouache out for a change. As I haven’t used it in 10 years at least. It was fun, and I actually really enjoyed it, I was surprised at how precisely it could be applied.

Unfortunately, buildings and landscaping are definitely not a strong point of mine, and I had to get my old painting books out to re-remind myself of things.

My new challenge to my self is also to limit my colour pallet, as at University I was criticized for using to much colour. I can’t say I have achieved it fully, but I am getting there.

This could be better, and I am going to practice. But I am pleased with it seeing as I have avoided buildings for so long!

Done mainly with Gouache, along with a little water colour.


A larger version of the image can be seen here: http://zombieprincess.deviantart.com/art/Something-a-little-different-Fantasy-town-469716292


And a few WIP’s close ups.