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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pens and Pencils.”

I really like writing by hand, I mean really like it. It makes me feel all satisfied and accomplish when I do. It’s also far more social I find. At university, if i was sitting in a lecture, or if now, im writing some of my stories or animal care/husbandry articles in the same room as a family member. It is so much more pleasant to do it over a piece of paper or a note book, rather than having your face hidden behind a screen as you tappa, tappa away. I last wrote an extensive amount (about 8,000 words) by hand back in the summer. I am regularly getting nagged by my manager at work for writing on paper, rather than using the computer based organizers/diaries/documents that are supplied. Apparently it makes the desk messy!


A snippet of my Bullfrog care sheet in handwriting.

A snippet of my Bullfrog care sheet in handwriting.


Nearly all my lengthy blog posts are hand written first.

Admittedly, nearly anything I write by hand is eventually then typed up, but the thought is there.