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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall to Wall.”

So I actually like keeping walls very blank, which I think surprises people. They tend to presume my walls would be covered with art work or photographs as I take so many. And they would be right in thinking that would bey intention. I do have two photo frames that I have so far spent 5 years filling with photos. I have two paintings which I started with all intention of finishing to hang on my wall. Then think “where am I even going to put these? I only have two available walls!” (I still live my parents)  I don’t desire for my two walls to be cluttered. So instead I’ve opted for the never leaving wallpaper samples.

Which to pick?

Which to pick?

These have currently been stuck to the wall for about three years after I decided to redecorate. A few times I’ve considered getting enough different samples to neatly cut and kind if patchwork the wall. I think it could look cool if done correctly.

Or I’ll spend until I can afford to move out staring at the same 9 scraps of paper.