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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Toy Story.”


Does this give it away?

My two favorite toys as a kid (and now, im not ashamed) were my little pony and transformers. I never really watched the shows. I had one my little pony video, and only watched transformers when i visited an older cousin, so my appreciation was for the toys only. I loved imaginative play as a child and they could be used for about anything. Although the only transformer i had at the time was a hand me down bumblebee, with a missing wheel. He was perfectly adequate for towing supplies across the garden, to the ponys secret camp, where they were plottingthe overthrowingand demise of Barbie. As toys they kind of filled my desire for bright colours and magic, along with construction and destruction simultaneously.
I still collect both, and although most are packed away ( sadly i have no where to put 200+ ponies) i have a few favorites on display, like my scary baby shady with a lazy eye, and masterpiece Wheeljack. And no, im not scared of removing them from their precious packaging either, haha!


Did my chilhood love for these toys shape my childhood? Yes. Im regularly upset that my car isn’t a robot and that equines arent sparkly or magic 😦

But a girl can dream.