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So, Why am I here? Choosing to Blog and more importantly what do I actually blog about. Those of you already following me may possibly be wondering this too. I sporadically update with random photos of frogs, cats, daily post prompts and sometimes drawings. I give no insight into who I am at all, so half of it is probably out of context.

When I first started this blog, I wasn’t entirely certain myself what i was setting out to achieve. I have such a broad range of interests, and quite the flitting mind, at the the time I was a little awash. I had just finished university and was disillusioned and unhappy with where I was in life (well, i’m still unhappy but that’s depression for you.) I thought perhaps that a blog would be a good way to share my collections and love of toys, but it isn’t really the correct platform, also the collecting began to dry up.

I had great intention for the blog to be a haven for useful knowledge regarding Guinea-Pigs and other Small Rodents. I work with them on a daily basis so I presumed I could have a cracking blog about it. However with the wealth of forums out there on the subject, one little blog was not going to shine. I also found that a multi interest blog was very hard to maintain, so chose to more all my Guinea pig related posts to another Blog, which I also about to to go through a structured re-vamp.

So It has comeback to the one constant thing, my one true interest. So, allow me to re-introduce myself.

My name is Joey (Zedpea, Zombieprincess or Zompaws). This is my Art blog. I am an Illustration graduate with a passion for fantasy, fairy tails and world building. I am looking at currently building my portfolio to pick up my pet portraiture business. Why am I not keeping this all to myself? I love art and creativity and I want to share in it, whether those people are artists themselves or just appreciate it as a skill they do not have, we all feel the same. I am just as much a lover of “art for art’s sake” as I am something that will make me think or appreciate or be curious of the technique. It is there to be fun and enjoyable. I aim to use this blog to not only share my own work, in all forms, incomplete, doodles, scribbles, things that I have spent months creating, but that of others. Work I love and my inspirations. Plus a few tutorials to. I am sure I will still ramble about off topic things, like frogs or cats, transformers or what ever I am obsessing over at the time

So this is me, welcome to my world.