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I create and enjoy art because it is escapism, and I hope you feel that too. I hope that perhaps you may see something you have never seen before, something you may have never thought of looking at before. That when I blog about an artist that inspires me that you leave with hopefully the same passion for that work (or maybe i will just solidify a dislike, but that is fine too.) I would like you to, in an entirely big headed way to like my own work, I would like you to offer constructive criticism if you can, I can take it, I want to be better and I can identify a number of aspects that require change. When I post a tutorial of my own methods, I want to have taught you something you didn’t know or consider.

What I want most though, is for you to enjoy the experience.


Aw man! This was a hard task handed out by the lovely folk of blogging 101 today. I have sat all day trying to figure it out. I think I nailed it eventually. I’ve been sitting and mulling it over all day.

(Start nerd alert !) I even turned to Optimus Prime in the hope that he could unleash the power of the matrix and light my darkest blogging hour (nerd alert closed!)


He said no.