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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brilliant Disguise.”


One yearmy dad hatched an involved and well thought out plan to dupe me. On Christmas eve when i was all tucked into bed and sweetly dreaming of Santa, he went into the garden and threw stones at my bedroom window, this naturally woke me and i looked to see what had caused he noise yet could see nothing.

That Christmas day he told me all about the snowman who Santa had bought to be his assistant for the night. The Snowman was quite the mischevious fellow though and not only ate the reindeers veggies and Santas caramel chocolates and whiskey (who knew Santa had the same tastes as my dad) but also ran riot around the garden and threw stones at my window.

I believed this whole heartedly for a good few weeks, then he eventually caved in and told me the truth. To say i felt cheated was an understatement.