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I have been intently bored with work lately , and this past week I have been rediscovering my utter infatuation with the japanese band Malice Mizer. Seriously, I love those guys so much. I always adored Yu~Ki, the bassist. He is a really icon of mine, mainly because he isn’t scared to rock a hat, and i frigging love hats. It was his look that really even made me listen to the band in the first place (aristocratic and orange does it for me it would appear) I’ve always admired how he at home he seemed just playing his instrument in the background, minding his own buisness. I like that he’s a retiring sort of person (who now that the band has well … been disbanded for a long time)the most exciting thing he’s done is make some jewelery. And of course my 13 year old me’s crush on him still re-emerges when ever I listen to their music or i watch one of their concerts.

So I thought, I’m going to draw him, I love drawing him, I like how geometric his face is,(it can be broken down quite successfully into triangle) i like his little f-off frown lines, i like how he dresses. Also I has been a very long time since I a) copied a photo of a person b) used pencils only.
I actually really enjoyed doing it again, namely because I had forgotten how much quicker it is then doing tiny, super detailed paintings all the time!


A larger version can be seen here: http://zompaws.deviantart.com/art/Yu-Ki-552927708?ga_submit_new=10%253A1439297539