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I’ve been having fun playing with oven bake clay the last day or so. Making beads has turned out to be increasingly therapeutic, Especially poking the holes through them!

Any how later this week some of my colleagues and I are going out and two if us decided to dress for our fandom. She is being harry pottered up, I have always loved Tolkien. So I ordered some awesome shoes (which I really hope will be here in time) a middle earth map dress, I already had some Lego Gandalf hearings and other bits. Then if course I went onto etsy and was bombarded with a the hobbit door pendants, and figured I could make my own. So I did. It’s on more of a choker chain so the door sits just above my collar bone. I’ve always loved the image of that little green door nestled into the grass and the earth, even as a small child. My Dad told me an abridged version of The Hobbit when I was about 4. I then diced that I wanted to be a Hobbit when I grew up and not a Triceratops.


My brother asked me to make him a oh so manly anklet for when he’s an embarrassing, English stereotype of a drunken wreck in magaluf next month. I’m almost a bit ashamed, and he hasn’t even gone yet, but I do love the anklet!


I’ve also made myself a bracelet in red and black marbled beads but no picture. I’m really enjoying it, but I really should get on with some other work!