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Fingertips digging into the softened bark, Gattola strained to hear even the slightest sound of his companions. His. Ears quivering with the exertion of it. Hearing nothing he climbed over the tree roots, landing heavily in the stagnant water that collected about them, the black mud cracking his limbs.

I drew this when I was on holiday last month. I decided to challenge myself with only drawing in ball point pen. Making it so that I would have to concentrate more on the textures. I’m pretty pleased with it. I used to ink draw all the time but rarely do now. I will be using this technique as my next video tutorial, however I have had flu and other colds so cannot talk either very well or without coughing. Once I’m better I will be making the video though! πŸ™‚

A rediculously large version can be seen here