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I don’t think it is any secret really that I collect toys. Whilst I do not collect dolls, the fact I am a my little pony collector does bring me into kinship with a lot of doll collectors. Especially ever popular, resin ball jointed dolls.

About 13 years ago I encountered ball joint dolls. At the time they were more commonly referred to as “Asian ball joint dolls” as manufacturers were mainly Japanese. At the time I think the only companies that were really available in the UK were two called Volks and Luts.  I fell in love with a limited edition Volks (I’m sure) doll styled after the Japanese visual goth band “moi Dix moi”. I totally got ng through my ” Japanophile” phase then and loved many of the Japanese rock and visual bands. I still do. I thought this doll was the utter bees knees and wanted her do bad, bit as a teenager in school with a one night a week job, I couldn’t afford the £300 odd she cost!

I was by then decided that one day I would have my own bjd. On and off over the years I have looked at them and swooned at how PRETTY they are.

About 6 years ago I found what I thought was my dream do, a boy, elf eared doll by the  chinese company “doll leaves” simply called “model W” I have literally had him bookmarked on a UK doll dealership since. I’ve had his eyes in mind, his wig, his clothes.

Last year I decided I would start saving for him. I’ve been selling tons of stuff on eBay and last month has my money. Now, I could have afforded him without selling my belongings, but if I can buy something without getting into my bank account I will!

Then on a my little pony forum I saw the link to this cutie.

She is the “Aloha” sculpt by a Korean company called Pipos . Anthropomorphic animal dolls have gained popularity in recent years and have created bit of a niche market of their own. Pipos are one of the leading animal doll companies and apart from possibly “Dear mine Doll” make a cutest sculpts. Possibly weirdest with their Cheshire cats.
I love animals, I love fantasy so I am not sure why I never considered an anthro doll before. However my particular fondness of Frogs made me swoon a bit when I saw these stock photos of an adorable little frog Princess.

So my dolly dreams were flipped and I didn’t know what to do! I decided to look at pricing and do a bit more research into the dolls and the companies. Both of which seemed to be well regarded by their customers.

A few days ago a member of a doll forum also from the UK said that of all the companies they had ordered from and worked with, Pipos was their favorite. That kind of clinched it for me. I was swaying towards the frog as she was smaller, would require less space, less additional costs like shoes and wigs. Because why would a frog need hair or shoes ?


So, last night I committed £130 to a little resin froggy. It’s strangely exciting, and scary because I know I am going to have a long wait for her! I chose to forgo eyes and her face paint as I can do her face myself, and as pretty as it is I don’t think it’s how my frog will look. I can buy eyes cheaper elsewhere and they didn’t have the colour I wanted.

So the wait begins for my foray into the bjd hobby.