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Originally, when I started this blog. It was supposed to be concentrating on myy little pony collection. Unfortunately being a hoarder meant I just began to collect more and more stuff so it became difficult to maintain. Add that I fell out of the MLP collecting scene for a few years meant it wasn’t really a feasible blog subject for me. I’ve been back into ponies now for about 6 months. It’s seen my collection significantly thinned as I chose to be more focused on it. In fact I’m contemplating another thinning session at the moment. Anyhow, over on the MLP arena (and my little pony collecter and fan forum) a thread has just been started challenging to clean/groom/tidy a Pony a day. Cleaning and maintaining these is a long job, old ponies are deteriorating due to age and new ones unfortunately are just not made to the same quality. I thought this was a really good idea, I have loads of ponies that need tidying up (one really needs her head taking off to get the mould out of her insides) so without further ado.

The first victim.

Unfortunately Hasbro have replaced the hair material they use which comes out of the pack really oily and dry at the same time. It’s pretty hideous. So poor fluttershy has come out of her pack like a slimy frizz ball. It’s and easy fix with a spot of hot hot water to smooth out the hair done conditioner (human or fabric) rubbed into it. Then I’ll rinse her with cold, another blast of super hot and then just wrap her mane about her neck, and tail about her leg to dry.

So here we have before:


I can't see!!


And a few hours later tah-dah!


Her tail cork screwed a bit but oh well


A lovely tame, silky, non oily mane, all ready for displaying.

I’m going to keep this up until I’m out of ponies that really need attention. Most are like this so may not be doing individual daily posts, I’m undecided yet.

Also, look out for my upcoming video showing how I do and feel about ballpoint pen drawing!