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So following my previous post “So, I bought a little Frog for a large amount of money” my little Frog had arrived.

I was beginning to get like cold feet. It’s a big investment if you’re only going to end up getting your item and not liking it.

Thankfully, I love her. She has a really sweet sculpt, it gives her quite and expressive face with her round moth and big wide eyes. She can look shy, curious or a little bit Spaced out. Her fingers especially are sculpted really well, they are very delicate and she even has cute little dimples on her knuckles.
Her downsides are that she’s too head heavy. If you take her head off the body has amazing balance.


I ordered her eyes from a Chinese company called “captured in glass “who specialise in making hand made, glass doll eyes for an exceptionally reasonable price. The eyes are a lovely gold yellow, sadly however the British sunshine doesn’t show them off to well …


I’m currently waiting very impatiently for my sealant to arrive so that I can start doing her face and define her features, even if she is real cute blank as well.

To pass the time I’m making dresses to fit her, because I’m a terrible sewer so basic dresses are all I can do to avoid her nakedness for now. (The sculpt has really big nipples and they freak me out a touch)

I made a simple plain white smock which hopefully should fit under her patterned clothes to prevent dye rubbing off into the resin.


Oh she also has a butt magnet to attach her cute little tadpole tail. I’ve also ordered another little Frog from a different company “Doll family” so she has a froggy pal to hang with.