Who is Joey?

Hey! My name is Joey (Zedpea, Zombieprincess or Zompaws).

I am an Illustration graduate with a passion for fantasy, fairy tails and world building. I am looking at currently building my portfolio to pick up my pet portraiture business. I also am an avid Guinea-Pig fanatatic, and believe strongly in promoting basic welfare for these beautiful gentle little souls, which I will certainly be doing more of on my other blog: The Pawsey Piggy Troupe. I work for a pet rescue and re homing charity, caring for unwanted Rabbits, Guinea-Pigs and ex battery/caged farm Hens (And sometimes I say hi to the cats) until we find them new, loving homes.

I love art and creativity and I want to share in it, whether those people are artists themselves or just appreciate it as a skill they do not have, we all feel the same. I am just as much a lover of “art for art’s sake” as I am something that will make me think or appreciate or be curious of the technique. It is there to be fun and enjoyable as much as it is to be deep and meaningful. I aim to use this blog to not only share my own work, in all forms, incomplete, doodles, scribbles, things that I have spent months creating, but that of others. Work I love and my inspirations. Plus a few tutorials to.

I am also quite insistent that I will never grow up! I still love sitting down on an afternoon when I am off work and watching kids TV (I’m sorry but I don’t think i’ll ever get bored of the Rugrats) Animated movies, I collect Transformers and My Little Pony, and the odd Dinosaur toy or plushie makes it way into the house every now and then. I read Comics and eat “Uni food” when I am left to fend for myself. Being a grown up to me is watching Lord of the Rings for the 500 millionth time, then re-reading it.

When i’m not being a dork, im with my friends and family (or at work 😦 ! ) generally annoying them with my stupid, and sometimes brilliant observations.

So this is me, welcome to my world.


9 thoughts on “Who is Joey?”

  1. jodie farage said:

    Hi ZP,
    I have 2 lurchers and a pointer. Would you be interested in drawing them for me if i sent some pics? Preferably each dog on it’s own. If so, how much? On plain paper but whatever you like tool wise. Let me know.

    • Hi Jodie

      Thank you for the interest and i would ertainly be interested in drawing your dogs for you 🙂
      A4 sized drawings/paintings are £8 / $12.68
      A5 are £5 / $7.92 plus p+p

      If you send me pictures when you are ready and let me know where in the world you are i can give you a shipping cost as well.



  2. Love the blog, ZP. I now know more about guinea pigs than I thought I would ever need to know!

    • You never know when it will come in use full Micheal 😉 One day you will be anble to say “Well i did learn this thing about guinea pigs, they’re allergic to penicillin” or some thing along those lines.

  3. Dorks are the best people 😉

  4. The first thing that struck me is your art, Joey, How fantastic 🙂 I’m a big Lord of the Rings fan myself, hence the name of my blog ‘The Road Goes Ever On.’ 🙂 Looking forward to reading more of your posts! Tony.

  5. Hi Joey, I’ve nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award! If you’d like to accept it, the link to the post is right here –> https://thoughtsofatrainwreckedpineapple.wordpress.com/2016/02/05/mine-is-one-lovely-blog-award/
    Have a nice day now! Nice to have you back as well!

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